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When You're Smiling

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8 8 16 a Short Note From Papa

August 8 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My very special child who is My address on earth~

“I live in you! I chose to before the creation of anything and I have always been in you…you have always been in Christ!

I was in you when you were only 1 cell! I was always in you in your mother’s womb. I have always been in you and with you

and I will never leave you!

The Holy Spirit of Christ – whom Jesus and I are one with...lives in you. Our Spirit communicates with your spirit—we are

literally One Spirit! When you hear true Truth from us directly or via another person, book, nature, music, whatever…your

spirit resonates like a tuning fork with Our  Spirit in you.

And…when you see Christ in someone else…anyone else (because we’re in everyone), your spirit resonates with Our Spirit in

that other person. When you see them doing something good, being joyful, being compassionate, giving grace and mercy, 

speaking love and grace, relating well, using their gifts…when you see those in someone else, your spirit resonates with

Our Spirit in them!

Choose life! Choose to see and connect with and resonate with Our Life in each person you come in contact with. Everyone

belongs! Everyone is in Our Family. Jesus created all people. All are in Him. He is in and for and through all. As you 

come to see Christ in you and Christ in others, you will experience the harmony of the vibration of Our music in you.

Your heart will be touched…and so will theirs. Everyone belongs…to us!” ~Love, Papa


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August 2 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 2 A Short Note From Papa

To My very special child who is not under Law, but under My Grace~

You know that the Hebrew scripture…what you call The Old Testament, is commonly referred to as “The Law.”  You must also

know that as a result of Jesus’s finished work at the cross, The Law was made obsolete, it was set aside, abolished, and 

replaced with our New Covenant of Grace. 

You are not under the Law (the Hebrew Scripture), you are under Grace…our New Covenant of Grace!

When Jesus incarnated and became one of you, as a Jew, He was under the law and as a Jewish Rabbi, He taught the law. 

He had a dual-tract ministry: First to raise the bar of the law so high that you all would see the utter futility of 

trying to keep it in order to gain and maintain a right relationship with Me; and Second – to reveal who I am to the

world in which not a single person knew Me! 

As Jesus revealed Me—what I am actually like (not what the world then thought I was like), He revealed that I am 

unconditional love and My love never fails! He revealed that We are passionately obsessed with community with you all!

He revealed that our grace covers everything in your relationship with us and that We have accepted and included everyone

in our relationship! Listen to Jesus…He knows the truth, He is Truth!” ~ Love, Papa


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