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Sept 5 A Short Note From Papa

September 5, ’16 a Short Note From Papa

To My most wonderful child whom I love totally and unconditionally~

You know that scripture is My love letter to you…and all My children! It’s not an instruction manual. It’s not a rule book.

It’s not a warning or a list of do’s and don’t’s. Those things are from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

Have nothing to do with that thinking!  

You can purchase an inanimate object like an appliance, game or car…that comes with an instruction manual full of warnings

and disclaimers. I am not inanimate! I am your Papa  and I am all about…passionate about...our love-saturated relationship!

Scripture is about My love for you and all mankind from all eternity and for all eternity. I am all good, I am perfect

unconditional love, and I am totally for you. I made you righteous—right with Me. All scripture is inspired by me and is 

useful for teaching, training and revealing your righteousness.  All scripture is about the truth of your righteousness

that you already have as a grace-gift of My love!

Scripture has been perverted and distorted and misunderstood in a myriad of ways. Here’s what I want for you…and all my 

children: read scripture through the unfailing lens of Me being perfect love, totally for you and you already being

righteous. Anything that you read that “appears” to say otherwise about you or Me or anyone else is not consistent with 

My initial and forever intent.

I—The Holy Spirit—am your Teacher! Listen to Me! I am continually revealing My love and grace to you and reminding and

assuring you of your perfect and complete righteousness! That’s the Living Word of God, The Tree of Life speaking to you!”

~Love, Papa  


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