December 14 God is love in Community! Part 8 ~by Paul Gray

Fleshing out Community – Part III

They did it together!

The very essence of the Trinity – their oneness – has always been, is and always will be. They have always been one, have never been separated, and never will be.

One of the greatest, most tragic, most damaging lies that religion has foisted off on us is the “Lie of Separation.” This lie rips the very fabric of God and damages the human soul in almost irreparable ways. Thank God it’s “almost.”

One of Jesus’s core teaching is the contrast between “darkness and light.” I believe that the “Lie of Separation” IS The Great Darkness.” We have been taught the horrendous lie that we have caused God to separate himself from us because of our “inherited sin” and that the ultimate result of our actions was God the Father separating Himself from Jesus at the cross and “pouring out all His wrath” on Jesus. We’ve heard that so often by so many people that many “Christians” have never questioned it. On the other hand, the watching world has seen the incompatible dichotomy of saying that “God Is Love and God is One…” and in the next breath saying “God is not loving at all and is separate…”as being, well, unbelievable. So the multitudes have walked away from organized religion. 

Fortunately the truth will set us free from those lies!

More from “The Trinitarian Vision” by Baxter Kruger

“When Adam and Eve rebelled, ushering in chaos and misery into God’s creation, the Father, Son and Spirit never abandoned their dream, but wonderfully incorporated darkness and sin into the tapestry of the coming incarnation.  As the Father’s Son became human, and as he submitted himself to bear our anger, and bizarre blindness, and as he gave himself to suffer a murderous death at our hands, he established a real and abiding relationship with fallen humanity at our very worst—and he brought his Father and the Holy Spirit with him.  It was in Jesus himself, and in his death at our bitter hands, that the trinitarian life of God pitched its tent in our hell on earth, thereby uniting all that the Father, Son and Spirit share with all that we are in our brokenness, shame and sin—adoption.”




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December 5  God is love in Community! Part I ~by Paul Gray

“What would it be like for you to have three faithful friends who loved you unconditionally, thought about you all the time, delighted in being with you and were continually filled with joy about being Best Friends Forever with you? We don’t want you to wonder! We want you to KNOW!!! That’s how We feel about YOU…today, all day, and evry day!” ~Love – Jesus, Papa and Sarayu

Before there was anything that we know about in creation, God existed…in Community. God has always been three distinct entities – God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit.

Christians call that the Trinity – the Three in One. While we can’t fully comprehend One God --- with one essence being three entities – it’s essential for us to embrace that concept in order to understand God’s expectations, and thus know who God is…who we are…and why we’re here.

The essential thing we need to know is that God has always existed in community. God has never been a single solitary entity existing by Himself.  Community – being together – in relationship is who God is.

Relationship is foundationally what God is all about. 

God wants to have a relationship with you – that’s what they think about all the time. That’s what drives them. When you start to know and are continually aware of and believe that God, above all, wants to have a relationship with you…that will change everything! That’s seeing what really is: a new…and better way of life!






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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 23:56

September 1 16 A Short Note From Papa

September 1 16 A Short Note From Papa 

To My delightful child who has a teachable spirit~

I’m so delighted that you are teachable! When a person is set in their ways, believes they have Me all figured out, 

is confident that their “way” is right…and is unwilling to consider anything different, they will always miss Me.

I can’t be put in a box! Mankind’s doctrines, theologies, dogmas and  belief’s about Me are all woefully lacking. 

Here’s what you can be absolutely sure of – let Me teach you: I am all good! There is nothing bad or evil about Me. 

I never repay evil with evil. I don’t punish. I don’t condemn. I don’t shame or guilt my children…and everyone is 

a child of Mine! I am for you…and everyone. I’m never against anyone.

I am love. Not “love but also ‘x’” – NO!!! I AM LOVE. I cannot not love! Everything I think and do flows from My 

perfect, unfailing, unending unconditional love for you and everyone.

My grace, which is My love in action, has taken care of everything for you…and everyone…regarding your relationship 

with Me! I want you…and everyone…to be teachable. I want to teach you that I am good, I am for you, I have taken care 

of our relationship, and I am love. When you have that understanding as your foundation, then you can…and must…give up

anything you have believed about Me that contradicts My love, goodness and grace.  Only then can you see and start to 

comprehend what I am continually revealing to you about Me. 

Reject any teaching that contradicts My pure goodness, love and grace. Trust Me. Listen to Me. I love you!” ~Papa




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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 14:17

Why do we do hurtful things?

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Monday, 26 October 2015 12:43

You And Me Right Now!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 00:57

This Is Love!

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