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Thursday, 25 August 2016 00:32

This ONE Thing

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 22:01

8 25 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 25, 16 A Short Note From Papa 


To My dear child whom I’m so very fond of~

I want you to always be aware of, to see, and to focus on the light of the Truth of all Truths which is totally opposite 

of The Great Lie of darkness..."separation." The Truth of all Truths is UNION!!! 

You…and all mankind…are not only in My family, not only unconditionally loved and forgiven by Me, not only totally right

with Me because of My grace, not only totally accepted and included in My family because of what We have already done for

you…as great as those things are…The Truth of all Truths is even better!!!

You are ONE with Me, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. We are UNITED!!! We are in total UNION! Christ is in you and you are in

Christ. You cannot get any closer to us & you can never be less close to us! We have made it so!   

The Great Lie of Darkness continually lies to you and says none of this is true. It lies and says we are separated. It 

condemns and shames and guilts you. It deceives you into believing that it’s your fault that you are separated from us and

there’s something you must do to get back to being with us. When you do some of the things it deceives you into doing,

then you feel pride that you…by your effort…got closer to us. Any and all striving and doing to try to please Us, get 

right with us, merit our favor…is TOTALLY WORTHLESS and USELESS and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE! You can not earn, merit or achieve

what you already have! You can’t get to where you already ARE!

Jesus told you “In that day you will know that just as I am in My Father, you are in Me and I am in you! There is 

NO SEPARATION…there is only UNION!!!” ~Love, Papa


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Tuesday, 23 August 2016 21:33

8 24 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 24 A Short Note From Papa 

To My delightful child who is forever in My family~

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind” is a bible verse many are familiar with and confused by. Many have been 

taught the lie that “renewing” your mind means that you must spend a lot of time reading and memorizing bible verses so

that you will then know the right thing to do in any given situation.

When you get your driver’s license renewed, what happens? You get a new license that is exactly like and carries the same

privilege as your first driver’s license originally had. Similarly, renewing your mind is having the original mindset that

I gave to you…and all My children. The mindset that you are My child, forever in My family and that you are: one with Me,

unconditionally loved, unconditionally forgiven, totally immersed in My grace, accepted and included.  That’s who you are

and always have been because I made you in My likeness and image, and at Jesus’s finished work at the cross, We made you a

New Creation – we Renewed you to your original divine image…in Christ.

You are who you are totally because of our work which We did without your permission, without your vote, without your

asking, without your participation or you being involved in any “transaction.” We did it all…because we love you! Have 

that mindset. Take sides with Us! Believe Us! Agree with us!” ~Love, Papa    


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Monday, 22 August 2016 02:34

Dirty or Clean?

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Monday, 22 August 2016 01:48

August 22 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 22 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My child who is perfect in all My ways~

“You are perfect! My perfect love and Jesus’s perfect finished work at the cross has made you perfect! You are “clean!” 

I have given you a new heart that is totally clean and perfect. You are flawless and spotless. I made you so and I am 

persuaded of your identity!

Your challenge is that you unnecessarily focus on your actions that you…and others deem “dirty” and you then you believe

(incorrectly) that those actions MAKE YOU DIRTY. You take that same twisted logic and judge others. You then call 

yourself…and others “dirty” or unclean. Now listen to Me: Do not call anything or anyone unclean that I have called clean!

I was in Christ Jesus at the cross, reconciling all the cosmos – everyone and everything – to Me, not counting anyone’s 

sins against them! I have put you all in Christ and give you all new life in Christ and made you all righteous and clean.

I call you all CLEAN! Do not call anyone or anything unclean that I call clean!  See everyone…including yourself…as I do:

Perfect in Christ!” ~Love, Papa


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Tuesday, 16 August 2016 13:43

Who are you...really?

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Sunday, 14 August 2016 21:48

8 15 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 15 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My child whom I made in My own image and likeness~

You don’t usually give a lot of thought to who you really are. Because you have experienced humans judging you and 

sometimes rejecting you because of your mistakes, you have believed the lie that you ARE those mistakes.

You have also believed the lie that since I’m able to know all your mistakes, that there’s no way I could love and accept

you.  Yes, I am able to recall all your mistakes, but for My own sake…and yours, I choose not to! What parent would ever 

keep a list of all their child’s mistakes and then review that list and hold it against them? Certainly not Me!

I focus only on who I made you to be…My child created in My image and likeness!

In addition, when you died with Jesus at the cross, I raised you to new Life as a New Creation, perfect, pure, holy,

right with Me and innocent. That’s who you really are. Remember that truth every second of every day. 

I want you to for your benefit!” ~Love,  Papa 


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Friday, 12 August 2016 14:36

You've been promoted!!!

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Friday, 12 August 2016 03:15

August 12 16 A Short Note From Papa

August 12 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My wonderful child who has My identity~

“You have a totally different identity than what  you have believed. You have a totally different identity than what you

have thought. You have a totally different identity than what society and the world have told you that you have. You are 

a New Creation!

You have been taught that you were born a “sinner,” even that you are “totally depraved.” You have been taught that your

heart is desperately wicked and no good at all. You have been taught that you are “sinful” and separated from God.  Those

are all lies that religion has taken straight from the evil one.  

The truth…My Truth is that at Jesus’s finished work at the cross, everyone who had ever lived and who ever would live, 

died with Jesus. He took all the sin of the world away, We forgave it and never hold it against anyone. When We raised 

Him from the dead, we raised you…and everyone else with Him as New Creations In Christ. We gave you all new life in Christ.

You are pure, holy, innocent, right with us, one with us, and one spirit with us.  You are the apple of My eye! You have

Our DNA. You are perfect! Your actions, your thoughts, what you can see, and what others say--may cause you to think 

differently, but those are temporary and fleeting. What is true about you is eternal and unseen to the human eye. But I

have given you supernatural eyes to see and ears to hear who you really are! You are Mine, you are good, and I love you

and am SO for you!!!” ~Love, Papa 


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Tuesday, 21 July 2015 12:38

The Born Again Identity

"The Born Again Identity" (What God requires, God provides!) You may have thought God has impossible requirements of us and is very demanding. Hear the Good News that whatever God requires of us in our relationship with Him, He already provided by the Finished work of Jesus at the cross!

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