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October 6 “16 “Seeing What Really Is!” Part 4

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October 6 “16    “Seeing What Really Is!”   Part 4 ~Paul Gray

One of the key areas where we need to “See What Really Is,” is in regard to “sin.”

What is true…in the unseen spiritual realm, the Kingdom of God includes:

·         Jesus took ALL your (and everyone’s) sin away!

·         God forgave ALL your (and everyone’s) sin!

·         God keeps no list of anyone’s sin!

·         God chooses not to remember anyone’s sin!

·         God doesn’t hold anyone’s sin against them!

·         God doesn’t bring anyone’s sin up to them!

·         Sin is not an issue between God and us!

When those who have been involved in religion and who have believed The Great Lie that results in the perceived Great Darkness of Separation…hear the above, they almost immediately ask “But what about 1 John 1:9?” A representative traditional translation is:

1 John 1:9 KJV If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

A thorough study reveals that “if” is a “declaration” and could better be translated “since.” “Confess” means to agree with. The Mirror Translation helps us as follows:

1 John 1:9 When we communicate what God says about our sins, we discover what He believes concerning our redeemed oneness and innocence! We are cleansed from every distortion we believed about ourselves! Likeness is redeemed! (The word traditionally translated “confession” is the work homologeo, from home, the same, and logeo, to speak. In the context of verse 7, this suggests that we say what God says about us!).

“Seeing What Really Is” reminds us that God sees that ALL our sins have already been taken care of. He redeemed us and made us innocent! When we start to believe what God believes to be true objectively in the unseen, eternal realm, then what “appears” to be true in the seen, but temporary world can be dismissed accordingly!

Don Keathley: WHEN IT FINALLY DAWNS on the church that sin is a disease to be healed and not a wrong to be punished,  the church will finally put to rest a lot of wrong notions on how the Father deals with sin. Then judging and knowing others after the flesh will cease, and the love by which the world will know we are followers of Jesus will cover the earth...It is already breaking out in places and will continue to surge by leaps and bounds.




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