Notes from Papa

For several years, every morning I read and personalized the daily devotion page in Sarah Young’s great book “Jesus Calling. Sarah took things that Jesus spoke personally to her and crafted them into wonderfully encouraging words that are true for all of us…and most every day I felt as if Jesus were saying these words directly to me! I first became aware of Him speaking to me when I was 11 years old.  After a lengthy period of not looking for His voice, I asked Him to reveal Himself to me when I was in my late 30’s.  He did and He’s never stopped!

In the entirety of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament), God was never referred to as Father in an intimate way. In the fifteen or so uses of “Father” in those scriptures, it is never used personally.

Jesus rocked Jewish religious society when He referred to God as His Father…and their Father. He even had the audacity (to them) to use the Aramaic term “Abba” which is an endearing term a young child would use for their father, much like “Papa” is used today.

In Paul Young’s wonderfully impactful book, “The Shack,” he calls God, the Father, “Papa.” Many times I use that term in communicating with Him. To help others experience Him more personally, I’m now taking intimate things He, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit say to me and rewriting them slightly to relate to either men or women, young or old. Rarely do I hear Him speak with an audible voice—primarily it’s an “inner voice.” 

The “Notes from Papa” that you will read on this site are things He’s said to me, that scripture holds to be equally true for all of His family. While I can list scripture references that correlate with everything written in these notes, I’m not including them here because I hope you will sense the flavor of a loving Father speaking to you rather than a theologian. 

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful, loving, human father…however that’s not been the case for everyone.  For those who have a difficult time thinking of a father as being really good, loving, and for you, I suggest you read “The Shack.” It captures the heart of a loving father better than any resource I know of!

These “Notes From Papa” are not just for me personally. They are for YOU!!! is dedicated to helping everyone who visits the site to come to know in the depths of their being that the real God (whom Jesus calls “The Only True God”) is truly good, is really for you, and loves everyone exactly the same. He is “especially fond of you!”

As you spend time with our Papa, I encourage you write down what you hear from Him and keep your notes.  I’ve found this to be a wonderfully encouraging way for me to renew my mind, especially as I review specific “notes” when I am going through a situation similar to a previous experience. Perhaps Papa will then encourage you to use some of the things He communicates to you to help others.

I pray that you will experience and enjoy His unconditional love, radical grace, and total reconciliation for you as you hear from Him through these “Notes.” 


~Paul Gray         

December 7 God is love in Community! Part 3 ~by Paul Gray

Someone to love!

When the Apostle Paul wrote the first chapter of Ephesians, verses 3-14 are basically one elongated thought (there were no sentences, periods, or verses in the original Greek) summing up what God did for us before creation because of the love they have always had for us. 

Any of you who are parents know a little bit of what I’m talking about. Once you learned that you were going to have a baby (expand your community), you started making plans. You may have remodeled a room. You bought new furniture, you started getting blankets and “onesies.” You knew in advance you would love your new addition. You can remember seeing your newborn baby for the first time – and it was instant love --- LOVE!

You parents, when you saw your baby for the first time, did you focus on right and wrong…morality…is that what you were all consumed with? Or were you consumed with love?

God could have focused on right and wrong…morality. After all, being omniscient, God knew what was going to happen. However, because of their great love, they took care of everything in advance. In the following great passage, the phrase “in love” or “because of their great love” refers to their mind-set and motivation for everything they did for us before creation!

Ephesians 1:2-10 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence, having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him.

God is all about community and God is love.




December 6 God is Love Community! Part 2 ~by Paul Gray

Loving Relationships!!!

You can sum up what Jesus, Papa and The Holy Spirit are all about in two words:

Loving Relationships!!!

Loving Relationships are what the Trinity is all about, what they have always prioritized, and what they desire for all of us – with them. AND THEY WILL NOT BE DENIED!!!

They created Paradise, then created the first man and woman and the very first act that ever happened was…what? What do you think?

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.  Then God blessed them…

“God” comes from the Hebrew word Elohiym, which means “divine ones, Gods”…it’s plural…meaning the Trinity.  “Blessed” in the original Hebrew meant:  to bless, kneel, adore, worship, praise, salute.

The very first thing Adam saw was the Trinity – Jesus, Papa and The Holy Spirit kneeling, praising, adoring, and worshiping him, their new friend…as he represented all humans who would come after him.

Let that soak in a minute – think about Jesus, Papa & The Holy Spirit kneeling at this creation they had so meticulously planned and finally created…and worshiping him…can you get a sense of how they felt about him…CAN YOU SEE THEIR LOVE?

They were worshiping Their creation which They made in Their image and They said "He is VERY Good!

They weren't "worshiping"Their creation in the sense that He was better than them, or more valuable them Them or Higher than Them, rather, they were worshiping Their own image IN him that They could now be in relationship with in Their divine Triune circle dance of love and everything good that flows from Their love.

They created Adam...and by extension include us in Their Loving Relationship

When we worship God, that’s our love responding to their love in relationship to and with Them!




December 5  God is love in Community! Part I ~by Paul Gray

“What would it be like for you to have three faithful friends who loved you unconditionally, thought about you all the time, delighted in being with you and were continually filled with joy about being Best Friends Forever with you? We don’t want you to wonder! We want you to KNOW!!! That’s how We feel about YOU…today, all day, and evry day!” ~Love – Jesus, Papa and Sarayu

Before there was anything that we know about in creation, God existed…in Community. God has always been three distinct entities – God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit.

Christians call that the Trinity – the Three in One. While we can’t fully comprehend One God --- with one essence being three entities – it’s essential for us to embrace that concept in order to understand God’s expectations, and thus know who God is…who we are…and why we’re here.

The essential thing we need to know is that God has always existed in community. God has never been a single solitary entity existing by Himself.  Community – being together – in relationship is who God is.

Relationship is foundationally what God is all about. 

God wants to have a relationship with you – that’s what they think about all the time. That’s what drives them. When you start to know and are continually aware of and believe that God, above all, wants to have a relationship with you…that will change everything! That’s seeing what really is: a new…and better way of life!






November 14 ’16 A Short Note From Papa

To My dearly cherished child on whom I have lavished grace upon grace~

“My Glory is Grace!” Grace is the manifestation of My pure, unconditional love that always does what’s best for the other.

None of the fictitious gods that people have concocted from their darkened imaginations have, give, or are Grace. Only Me! People make up images of “god” out of their darkened minds… “gods” that act like darkness.  

It’s hard for people to consider that I am ALL light, ALL good, ALL love, ALL grace for ALL people because they can’t see that in their darkness.  But there is no darkness in Me at ALL!

Unconditional love, expressed as Grace is what distinguishes Me from any and every “false god,” including the “god” of today’s religion.  When Moses asked Me to show Him My face, I showed Him My goodness and My Grace!

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus that “My Glory is My Grace!”

Jesus (Grace personified) appeared and brought salvation to everyone in the world! Grace has taken care of everything in everyone’s relationship with me forever.  

Unfortunately, religion focuses on “sin” when the truth is, I have taken care of all sin – past, present and future and it is never an issue with Me.  I want you to really look at and listen to Me.

Romans 3:23 says “ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.” That is true. My Glory IS My Grace. All have missed…fallen short…of the truth that My Grace covers everything in everyone’s relationship with Me!

Romans 3:24 goes on to say “ALL – the very same ALL that sinned…have been justified…made right with Me forever! ALL have been saved by My Grace through the finished work of Jesus at the cross!

Never let someone quote Romans 3:23 to you without finishing with 3:24! ALL – everyone -- have been justified (been made right with Me!) Jesus did that! Take sides with Jesus, me and the Holy Spirit! Say “NO” to the deceiver and his religious deception!

When you believe My truth, you will experience freedom and joy! That’s what I want for you, and for everyone!” Love, Papa




November 11,‘16  A Note From Papa

To My child who is completely and totally forgiven by Me~

“I forgave you for your benefit…not mine. I have always loved you unconditionally and always included you in My family. But you…and all My children…believed the lie that I had to forgive you before you could be right with Me.

So, for your benefit, Jesus took all the sin of the world away from you all and onto Himself. Then We exchanged Jesus’s right standing with Me for your sin, forgave it all,  and choose to not hold it against you, bring it up to you, or even remember it!

We really want you to live with that understanding and belief…choosing to trust Us when We tell you that your sin is not an issue with Us…neither is anyone else’s!

Then…as you realize how freeing and wonderful and good and peaceful that is, we want you to do what We have done to and for you: Forgive others as We forgave you!

You can’t do that by your own physical, human ability. The only way you…or anyone…can forgive as We forgave you, is to let us…living in you…live and forgive AS you!

Forgiving means releasing the other person from anything you have felt they owed you as a result of their wrong-doing. It means lifting that up and letting it go. Only with Jesus doing that in you and as you, can you have the ability to do that.

Evil will then occasionally remind you of those hurts and lie to you that you haven’t forgiven them. Evil will accuse you of not forgiving…Don’t listen to evil! Listen to us!

As you lift up and let go of the consequences of those hurts, you will find yourself loving and being at peace with the one who offended you.  They may not reciprocate, but that will have no effect on your forgiving them.  As far as it depends on you…which is all you can do…you will live at  peace with everyone!


You’ll be experiencing “heaven on earth.”  That’s a win-win-win situation for you, Us, and everyone!” ~Love, Papa

November 10 ’16 a Short Note From Papa

To My wonderfully child whom I’m especially fond of~

“I am especially fond of you! And, I’m especially fond of each and every one of My children! AND every person is a child of Mine!

As you grow in grace and learn more and more about living in the New Covenant of Grace, you start to see others through My eyes…as I want you to!  You start to see that your friends, family and neighbors who believe differently…even VERY differently from you…are ALL My children! They are all accepted and included!

By seeing with My eyes, you start to see that people who have different lifestyles than you…people who have different sexual preferences than you…people who have different beliefs than you…are all in My family and are all connected! Jesus died for everyone and I included everyone in Christ at the cross!

You start to see that people who do things that are repulsive to you…are still My dearly loved children. At the same time, other of My children…who see you doing things that are deeply repulsive to them…are starting to see that you are all in My family and that I love you all equally and with no conditions!!!

As you come to this realization, you start to understand that one day, even though you consider other people to “be your enemies,” I will prepare a banquet table for you AND them together…you will be in the “Presence” of your (former) enemies and there will be no hatred, no exclusion, no “right and wrong” – there will only be Me and My people – whom I love whom Jesus died for all!

You’ll find yourself enjoying tremendous peace, not worrying, not judging, not excluding, not labeling…just loving and enjoying Us and the rest of Our family. You’ll be more patient, kind, gentle and good to all people…even people whom you formerly had no use for, because I had no use for them!

That’s love and life of another kind…My kind!” ~Love, Papa



November 9 ’16 A Short Note From Papa

To My child who is free indeed because Jesus made you free~

“Many of My children hear from well-meaning but misguided religious people that they are to strive to do everything “in the red letters” -- everything Jesus said that’s recorded in scripture.

People who believe that are misguided because they don’t understand that Jesus taught while the “Law” was still in effect. He didn’t end the Law and inaugurate our New Covenant of Grace until His finished work at the cross. The New Covenant couldn’t take place until the “Testator” died – as with any will or covenant.

Before the cross, Jesus taught Jewish people who were still under the law…people who put their hope and trust in their ability to keep the Law in order to gain and maintain Our favor. Jesus had a two-fold mission. First to raise the ante of the Law so absurdly high that people should realize no one can keep it (as in “pluck out your eye” and “cut off your hand”). The second  part of His mission was to reveal what I am really like by living and giving grace to everyone – our love in action.

So when you read things like “you must forgive or God won’t forgive you,” you can now know that was what was taught under the law…and it’s obviously IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do!

As you live in the New Community Grace Life, you can now understand that those things that Jesus said while under the Old Covenant of the Law do not apply to you. They never did! Instead focus on how Jesus  actually lived (loving and forgiving unconditionally, not judging, accepting and including everyone), and use that picture of what God is like to be the filter for everything you read or hear.

You are under grace…not law!”~Love, Papa



November 8 ’16 A Short Note From Papa

To My delightful child who is already the recipient of ALL My grace~

My Son Jesus is The Most Accomplished person ever! He has totally accomplished everything necessary for you to be in right relationship with us and to enable you to be all that We envision for you to be!

Jesus, who is Grace personified, lives in you! He produces effortless change in you, even when you aren’t aware of it! You have already been transformed into His likeness and as you continually learn more and more and get to know us better and better, you will manifest more and more of His life not only in you, but AS you!

This is what We call “Living the New Covenant of Grace life!”

Jesus, The Holy Spirit and I made and put together our New Covenant between the three of us. You had nothing to do with bringing it about or keeping it in force or manifesting it! It is a total gift from us to you.

Grace is our gift that keeps you in right relationship with us forever and enables Christ in you to live His life as you every moment. It’s all Christ!

Whenever a person falsely believes that they have had anything to do with our Grace Gift, they immediately start to exclude others who haven’t “done the right thing,” and they become prideful for what they think they “did.”

Grace is totally our gift that was accomplished by the Faith OF Christ. We now show you…reveal to you…the truth about Us and Grace, and we give you Christ’s Faith to believe what is already true. It’s grace upon grace and from Faith to faith.

Grace is a gift, a way of life, a life-style, and most of all…a Person: Jesus Christ!

Our glory is our Grace. Grace is what sets us totally apart from any of mankind’s futile attempts to define “god.”  None of those false religions have a “god” who loves unconditionally, forgave everything unconditionally in advance without being asked, accepts and includes everyone and continually empowers all to become all “god” intended.

None of those “gods” are real, of course! They are all mankind’s attempt to create and define “god” based on their own idea of what “god” should be like.

Let all that go! Take sides with Us! Believe Us! It’s all by Grace, all for you, and all done and given by Us as our free gift of love to you! Enjoy!” ~Love, Papa 



November 7 ’16 A Short Note From Papa

To My most wonderful child who is the apple of My eye~

As you are learning how to live the “Christ-AS-you” life, I want to continually remind you to HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OLD COVENANT! You can certainly learn how NOT to relate to me by studying how religious people have tried to gain and maintain My favor by doing certain things and avoiding other things. Just never do that yourself!

The Old Covenant of the Law was only given to the Hebrew people, and then only because they asked for it, preferring to relate to Me via their performance rather than as My dearly loved children and friends. The only purpose of that Law was to show them that they couldn’t keep it and thus needed a Savior to make their right relationship with Me a reality.

I want you to absolutely know that:

·         The Old Covenant Law was never for you

·         You have never been and never will be “under any law” with Me.

·         The Law has absolutely no power to help you achieve it.

·         There’s nothing you need to try to do or try to avoid to achieve a right relationship with Me.

·         You should never try to come up with your own “laws” that you believe you must keep to gain or maintain a right relationship with Me.

·         You should never listen to or believe anyone else or any other organization that tries to convince you that you must do certain things and not do other things in order to please Me.

·         Jesus fulfilled the law, made it obsolete, set it aside, and abolished it as far as it having anything to do with you. Yes, it still exists in the pages of scripture, but only as a reminder to people that it’s impossible to keep and cannot help you have a better relationship with me.

·         Rather than giving you a set of rules to follow, My Holy Spirit living in you now continually reminds you of who I am, who you are, that everyone is in Christ, and then shows you how I want you to live in any given moment or situation.

·         The only law that exists now is the Law of Love, which I have completely fulfilled and continually manifest in you and as you!


As you believe and trust Me regarding these things, you will find yourself experiencing and enjoying Real, Abundant, Supernatural life…life of another kind!” ~Love, Papa

November 3 ’16 A Short Note From Papa

To My special child whom I am continually growing in grace~

“I want you to know up front that I am responsible for your spiritual growth…not you! Religion has propagated the lie that each individual is responsible for their own spiritual growth.

Depending in which denomination or para-church or religious organization one belongs to, they are taught some combination of “spiritual disciplines” which are said to be what will bring about desired spiritual growth. These can include (but are certainly not limited to) prayer, fasting, meditation, bible study, serving, attending religious services, giving, witnessing, and the like.) Those “disciplines” in and of themselves aren’t bad…but they certainly won’t produce “spiritual growth.”

That kind of thinking believes that by a person’s own effort, they can grow and improve. That’s actually the “false self” or “ego” or “flesh”—which are all illusions and are not the real you.

Who is responsible for a child’s growth? It’s parents are responsible for shelter, protection, food, clothing, educational opportunities and the like. Children can’t provide those things. But even parents can’t affect a child’s height. Physical growth…and spiritual growth are both provided by ME!

The “Fruit of the Spirit” – character traits that all flow from My pure agape love that always does what is best for the other—includes joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, and Spirit-power. No one can produce them or grow in them or mature in them by their own self-improvement plan. The “Fruit of the Spirit” can only be produced and manifested in a person by…The Holy Spirit!

Your part is simply to be available and aware that you are living in seamless union (Oneness) with Me. Listen to Me and let Me teach you. I will! Be aware, ask and allow Christ in you to live as you in relationship to the world and everything in it. Responsibility means having the ability to respond. Respond to Me.

Grace is My supernatural divine ability to enable you to be and do all that I have envisioned for you since before the foundation of the world. You were conceived by grace, given life by grace, and you live and move and have your being by the power of My grace!

Relax, rest and enjoy the experience of Me providing your spiritual growth. It’s a much easier and the only effective means of growing. Grow in grace!” ~Love, Papa

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