Notes from Papa

For several years, every morning I read and personalized the daily devotion page in Sarah Young’s great book “Jesus Calling. Sarah took things that Jesus spoke personally to her and crafted them into wonderfully encouraging words that are true for all of us…and most every day I felt as if Jesus were saying these words directly to me! I first became aware of Him speaking to me when I was 11 years old.  After a lengthy period of not looking for His voice, I asked Him to reveal Himself to me when I was in my late 30’s.  He did and He’s never stopped!

In the entirety of the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament), God was never referred to as Father in an intimate way. In the fifteen or so uses of “Father” in those scriptures, it is never used personally.

Jesus rocked Jewish religious society when He referred to God as His Father…and their Father. He even had the audacity (to them) to use the Aramaic term “Abba” which is an endearing term a young child would use for their father, much like “Papa” is used today.

In Paul Young’s wonderfully impactful book, “The Shack,” he calls God, the Father, “Papa.” Many times I use that term in communicating with Him. To help others experience Him more personally, I’m now taking intimate things He, Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit say to me and rewriting them slightly to relate to either men or women, young or old. Rarely do I hear Him speak with an audible voice—primarily it’s an “inner voice.” 

The “Notes from Papa” that you will read on this site are things He’s said to me, that scripture holds to be equally true for all of His family. While I can list scripture references that correlate with everything written in these notes, I’m not including them here because I hope you will sense the flavor of a loving Father speaking to you rather than a theologian. 

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful, loving, human father…however that’s not been the case for everyone.  For those who have a difficult time thinking of a father as being really good, loving, and for you, I suggest you read “The Shack.” It captures the heart of a loving father better than any resource I know of!

These “Notes From Papa” are not just for me personally. They are for YOU!!! is dedicated to helping everyone who visits the site to come to know in the depths of their being that the real God (whom Jesus calls “The Only True God”) is truly good, is really for you, and loves everyone exactly the same. He is “especially fond of you!”

As you spend time with our Papa, I encourage you write down what you hear from Him and keep your notes.  I’ve found this to be a wonderfully encouraging way for me to renew my mind, especially as I review specific “notes” when I am going through a situation similar to a previous experience. Perhaps Papa will then encourage you to use some of the things He communicates to you to help others.

I pray that you will experience and enjoy His unconditional love, radical grace, and total reconciliation for you as you hear from Him through these “Notes.” 


~Paul Gray         

To My oftentimes weary child~

“When you believe the lie of religion that you can gain and maintain My favor by things you do by your own effort and

ability, you are fighting against My current of ever-flowing grace and living water.

It’s much like swimming against the current of the Mississippi River. You can never win! You will always tire out and end

up weary, discouraged and disappointed.   Instead, Come to Me! 

When you’re tired, worn out and burned out on religion, come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll 

show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace.

I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.

Picture yourself floating on an unsinkable, indestructible raft going with the current on a great river. There’s no effort

on your part—it’s easy and relaxing and enjoyable! Let me take you where I want. Let me live My life in you, through you

and as you. Change your mindset from “do” to “done!” Relax and enjoy abundant life with Me!” ~Love, Papa


August 16 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My very special and wonderful child~

“I often remind you of who you really are: My own child, made in My image: pure, holy, right with me, innocent and perfect.

Now I know that you question how that can be true when you still make mistakes. You wonder why you sometimes think and even

 do “evil” things.

Jesus told you all that your enemy, the thief/accuser/liar/condemner/accuser/one-who-is-totally-evil, does not want you to 

know who you are and part of his strategy of deception is to tempt you to do evil. He lies and tells you that “you deserve

it,” “it will feel good,” “it will benefit you,” “no one will know.” Then the minute that you do what he tempts you with,

he condemns and accuses you. He also lies to you and tells you that because “god wants to punish other people, it’s ok for

you to as well.”

In part, that’s how the evil one gets you and others to do evil.  

Yes, My children sometimes “do” evil things. But that never affects My love for you and never affects your identity...who

you really are. Always know that!” ~Love, Papa


August 15 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My child whom I made in My own image and likeness~

You don’t usually give a lot of thought to who you really are. Because you have experienced humans judging you and 

sometimes rejecting you because of your mistakes, you have believed the lie that you ARE those mistakes.

You have also believed the lie that since I’m able to know all your mistakes, that there’s no way I could love and accept

you.  Yes, I am able to recall all your mistakes, but for My own sake…and yours, I choose not to! What parent would ever 

keep a list of all their child’s mistakes and then review that list and hold it against them? Certainly not Me!

I focus only on who I made you to be…My child created in My image and likeness!

In addition, when you died with Jesus at the cross, I raised you to new Life as a New Creation, perfect, pure, holy,

right with Me and innocent. That’s who you really are. Remember that truth every second of every day. 

I want you to for your benefit!” ~Love,  Papa 


August 12 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My wonderful child who has My identity~

“You have a totally different identity than what  you have believed. You have a totally different identity than what you

have thought. You have a totally different identity than what society and the world have told you that you have. You are 

a New Creation!

You have been taught that you were born a “sinner,” even that you are “totally depraved.” You have been taught that your

heart is desperately wicked and no good at all. You have been taught that you are “sinful” and separated from God.  Those

are all lies that religion has taken straight from the evil one.  

The truth…My Truth is that at Jesus’s finished work at the cross, everyone who had ever lived and who ever would live, 

died with Jesus. He took all the sin of the world away, We forgave it and never hold it against anyone. When We raised 

Him from the dead, we raised you…and everyone else with Him as New Creations In Christ. We gave you all new life in Christ.

You are pure, holy, innocent, right with us, one with us, and one spirit with us.  You are the apple of My eye! You have

Our DNA. You are perfect! Your actions, your thoughts, what you can see, and what others say--may cause you to think 

differently, but those are temporary and fleeting. What is true about you is eternal and unseen to the human eye. But I

have given you supernatural eyes to see and ears to hear who you really are! You are Mine, you are good, and I love you

and am SO for you!!!” ~Love, Papa 


August 11 16 A Short Note From Papa 

To My delightful child whom I really like~

“I want you to absolutely know today…and every day…that I like you! I like everything about you. I’m the only one who 

knows you—warts and all—and still likes everything about you! I delight in you! I rejoice over you! I sing and dance over

you! I think more thoughts about you than there are stars in the sky and pebbles of sand on all the beaches. And all my 

thoughts are good!

I know that’s hard for you to believe because you’ve experienced the opposite with other relationships and because 

religion has lied to you about Me. That’s why I’m telling you the truth about how I feel about you…and I will continually

remind you, over and over and over again! I never tire of expressing my love, delight and joy over you.

I love you because I am love and I can do nothing but love. I like you because you are made in My likeness and image and 

you are in Christ and Christ is in you. I like you because you are My child and the apple of My eye!  I have the

supernatural ability to see who you really are: pure, holy, good, right with me, innocent, and perfect. There’s nothing

for me not to like about you!

Of course I hurt – temporarily – when you hurt or when you hurt others. But I can see the end result: who you really are

and what it will be like when I finally restore everything and everyone to My original intent. It’s all good and you’re

all good. Know that I like you…really!!!” ~Love, Papa


August 10 16 A Short Note From Papa 


To My very special, delightful child~

“You know that Jesus and I are one…and when He was on earth, He was the exact representation of Me. He was fully human…and

fully God. However he emptied Himself of His divine supernatural abilities and lived fully human…just as you are! Of course

He was fully in tune with Me and only said and did what I asked Him to. 

That means that most of the time, Jesus “gave up His right to be right.” Of course He was right about everything! He, The

Holy Spirit and I designed and created everything and He sustains everything! He knew that everything lived and breathed

and had their very life in Him! So can you imagine what it was like for Him to not correct everyone about most everything

they said or thought? 

Jesus knew that in relationships, there’s no need and it’s actually counter-productive to always be correcting others and

proving that you’re right and they are wrong. No one wants to be around someone like that. Unless it’s a matter of safety 

or to keep someone from harm or harming someone else, there’s usually no need to “prove that you’re right about something.”

Just let it go. 

Then love unconditionally, give grace, forgive unconditionally and let Our Holy Spirit do the work of showing the other

person (and you) when you’re wrong about something. That’s what We want and you’ll find that your relationships go much 

better when you take that approach!’ ~Love, Papa  



ugust 9 16 A Short Note From Papa 


To My delightful child whom I enjoy in every way~

“I want you to see how our friendship is much more like jazz music than classical. A Classical musician may be extremely

talented, dedicated and knowledgeable, but classical music is limited to just playing the written notes on a page. 

There is very little freedom. The notes must be played exactly as written and there is tremendous pressure to perform 

flawlessly. Any wrong note stands out and is quickly judged and disdained by critics.

Jazz music, however is spontaneous, free, and unfettered. There is a structure to a song, but within it spontaneity, 

improvisation and creativity are encouraged, affirmed and applauded. Jazz musicians “feed off each other” and inspire 

creativity, interplay and connectedness in a playful, mutually encouraging way. 

There’s much great classical music and I’m not condemning it or any musicians. I just want you to see the difference 

between a rigid, limited, confined, stress-filled performance setting and a free, fun, relaxed, no-stress relationship 

that fosters creativity, spontaneity and mutual playfulness. That’s what I’m all about!” ~Love, Papa 



August 8 16 A Short Note From Papa

To My very special child who is My address on earth~

“I live in you! I chose to before the creation of anything and I have always been in you…you have always been in Christ!

I was in you when you were only 1 cell! I was always in you in your mother’s womb. I have always been in you and with you

and I will never leave you!

The Holy Spirit of Christ – whom Jesus and I are one with...lives in you. Our Spirit communicates with your spirit—we are

literally One Spirit! When you hear true Truth from us directly or via another person, book, nature, music, whatever…your

spirit resonates like a tuning fork with Our  Spirit in you.

And…when you see Christ in someone else…anyone else (because we’re in everyone), your spirit resonates with Our Spirit in

that other person. When you see them doing something good, being joyful, being compassionate, giving grace and mercy, 

speaking love and grace, relating well, using their gifts…when you see those in someone else, your spirit resonates with

Our Spirit in them!

Choose life! Choose to see and connect with and resonate with Our Life in each person you come in contact with. Everyone

belongs! Everyone is in Our Family. Jesus created all people. All are in Him. He is in and for and through all. As you 

come to see Christ in you and Christ in others, you will experience the harmony of the vibration of Our music in you.

Your heart will be touched…and so will theirs. Everyone belongs…to us!” ~Love, Papa


August 5 16 A short Note From Papa


To My child whom I have made completely free~

“I have made you completely free…free from the Law, from sin, death and evil. Believing lies about the Law, sin, death and

evil will cause you to live as a slave and to measure your life by religion’s concept of right and wrong based on

performance.  I have made you completely free from all of that.

Religion is the false belief that My children have to perform to gain and maintain My favor. That is absolutely false!

Religion says you must fit its specific requirements to be right with Me. Of course all of the thousands of  

denominations in the world as well as all the independent churches and religious organizations each have their specific

list of what you must do or not do to gain and maintain My favor. That is religion and I am not in religion. 

Jesus set you free from all religion!

Jesus didn’t come to establish the “Christian Religion,” nor did He come to empower you to keep the rules and laws of the

Jewish Religion. Jesus set you free from all religion and made you completely right with us so that you can experience 

and enjoy your inclusion in our divine Triune relationship of love and everything good that flows from our love! 

Run from religion! Stay away from all religion. You cannot serve two masters. You can’t mix law with grace. Embrace our

grace, believe Me, trust Me, enjoy Me, rest in Me. Religion: NO! Union with us: YES!!!” ~Love, Papa  


August 4 16 a Short Note From Papa


To My delightful child who is totally under My grace~

You are going to encounter well-meaning, but misguided people who unfortunately believe the lie that they are under the 

Old Covenant Law. I’m not mad at them and I’m not punishing them. The Law itself punishes. It has no ability or power

to help anyone keep it…all the Law can do is point out sin. The Law actually arouses sin and the very power and strength

of sin is the Law!

While Jesus lived and taught under the Law (We didn’t abolish and do away with it until our finished work at the cross), 

His purpose was to “up the ante” of the Law to such an obviously unattainable height that people would know it was

impossible to keep, quit trying, and instead accept Jesus’s salvation in lieu of trying to keep the Law to gain and 

maintain our favor.

So Jesus reminded them that the penalty for adultery was stoning a person to death…but He said that even having a lustful

thought made them guilty of adultery, so they should “pluck their eye out” to keep them from lusting. Obviously no one did

that…Jesus’s example was ridiculously unachievable! That made our point!


So I want you to learn from Jesus! Have nothing to do with the Law. Believe us, trust us, depend on our grace demonstrated

by Jesus’s finished work at the cross as the only means to a right relationship with us. You are under Grace, not Law!

Gently remind those who don’t yet believe the truth of these things. Refuse to be angry with them and to return evil

for evil. Love them and give them Grace. One day, they too, will be captivated by the light of My love and grace and truth.

I promise!” ~Love, Papa   


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