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November 20 A Note From Papa

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A Note From Papa

To My child, who I am totally for and who is right where I want you to be~
“You are exactly where I want you this very moment! You are totally dependent on Me!

There is something very important to you in your life that you are confident that I have
called you to do…and yet it doesn’t seem like you can “make it work.” That’s because
you cannot “make it work!”

I want you to absolutely know that when I call you to do something great, it will be
something that you cannot do by and from your own resources. When I call you to do
something great, it will totally require Me supernaturally making it happen, and
before I do that, I let you get to the point where you know that you can’t do it…
it will have to be Me!

Remember Gideon? Remember My people at the Red Sea with the Egyptian army behind them?
Remember Elijah and Elisha? Remember Jesus at the cross?

As humans there was nothing they could do…they were in impossible situations with
no hope and no way out and no way to succeed.  In every one of those situations,
to the watching world, My people should have been defeated and totally failed.

Yet…every time I came through just as I promised!  Remember there is only one faith…
Jesus’ faith. He is the author and perfector and finisher of Faith. You are to
live from his faith to your faith.

You can believe what he says about you is true. You can believe who he says you are
and who He says I am.

I will never leave you or forsake you. I will always provide what I require, I promise!

I have called you to do something very special for Me and I am providing everything
you need and I am doing everything that needs to be done in you, as you and through you.
You can totally count on Me!

So now, rather than worry about how you are going to make something happen, eagerly
anticipate seeing how I make something happen!

Rather than worry about where the people and resources are going to come from, eagerly
anticipate seeing Me provide.

Rather than worry about what you are supposed to do, eagerly anticipate seeing what
I do in you, as you and through you! Be totally dependent on Me and watch what I do!

I love you and I am so for you!”
~Love, Papa

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