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Our Message

As part of a growing world-wide group of those who know and experience God’s unconditional love, radical grace and total reconciliation, we embrace a shared message…while all at different stages of learning and experience. The following has been stated by various others much better than we can, so with kudos to anyone who has said the following the same way, and with apologies to anyone who deserves them, here’s a summary of the main points of our message and beliefs.    

Above all, God loves us and is for us. The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior (not our taskmaster and not our religious dictator.) He plunged fearlessly into the rough, perilous waves that life has thrown at us and he saved us. He didn't stop and ask us if we deserve to be saved. He didn't ask us to fill out a form or read the fine print. He didn’t ask for our permission or take a vote. HE SAVED US!!! Then once he rescued us from our sin and the mess we made of our lives, he set us confidently on the vast shores of his amazing, radical grace and said “I finished the believe what’s already true and enjoy this great gift!”

Religion says: “YOU have to perform to stay on the shore.”

Jesus says that HE performed one eternal act on the cross that gives him the right to remain your Savior all the days of your life. 

Religion says: “Jesus saved you once but after that you have to earn everything from God.” 

Jesus says, “I earned it all for you and I have given it to you as a gift. Now come and hang out with me on the shores of my amazing, radical grace. Come let me introduce you to my Father, he loves you and delights in you. We have chosen to be your friends forever. We made you our friend…you need never worry or be afraid! Come enjoy this beautiful experience that has been given to you. Come take your place as a son/or daughter of the living God. And if the waves of this life try to capture you and drag you down... I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE YOUR SAVIOR!!! Nothing can separate you from my fierce love... not even religion.” 

On this site and through our relationships and interactions, our joy and pleasure is to express the unconditional love, radical grace, total reconciliation for all, and goodness of God toward us in Jesus.  Like Jesus, we are not in to condemnation. Like Jesus, we are not about religious control. We’re not about trying to compete and out-perform anyone.  Jesus took all the guilt, all the condemnation and set us free to enjoy his Father.   The gospel is good news!


For those who would like a little more “formal” statement:


  • We believe God is for you…and He is for everyone and has been since before the beginning of time!
  • We believe that God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have always existed together in their divine dance of love, joy, peace and everything good. They have never been separated.
  • We believe that they decided to create a family (us) to include in their circle of love forever.
  • We believe in the Living Word of God, which is Jesus Christ Himself.
  • We believe that the Scriptures testify of the Living Word, Jesus Christ, and His love for all humanity.
  • We believe that all people were declared sinners because of Adam and all people are declared righteous because of Christ.
  • We believe that Christ was delivered over to death because of our sins and was raised to declare us justified.
  • We believe that Jesus died for all and therefore all died in Him.
  • We believe that God loves the entire world and is relentless in making us all aware of His love for us.
  • We believe all were included in the work of Christ. Anyone who is living as though they were excluded is only living a lie and will forever have the opportunity to wake up to the reality of their reconciliation to the Trinity and live in light of the Love of God.
  • We believe that Christ is above all, in all, and through all. We believe that His Life is the very Life of all mankind.
  • We believe in a BIG Christ. One who is powerful enough to accomplish His eternal purpose in each and every one of us.
  • We believe that the cross was the judgment of this world and that the accuser of the world was judged at that time and place.
  • We believe that Christ was lifted up and drew all judgment unto Himself.
  • We believe that in the “Great Exchange,” at the cross, Father God made Jesus to be sin and made us to be right (innocent) with Him – we became the righteousness of God. Jesus judged the world as righteous.
  • We believe that in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is their Lord.
  • We believe that Christ will make all things new.
  • We believe that death and hell itself have been swallowed up in Christ’s victorious work on the cross and He has overcome them.
  • We believe that neither height, depth, angels, demons, nothing in your past, present, OR future can ever separate you from God’s love!
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