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October 12 ’16 Seeing What Really Is Part 8

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October 12 ’16 Seeing What Really Is Part 8 ~Paul Gray

Steve McVey reminds us of the Old Testament story where Elisha and his servant were surround by a huge army of enemies who intended to kill them (Subjective truth). The servant couldn’t “See What Really Is,” (Objective truth) so Elisha asked God to “open his eyes.”  When God did, then the servant saw (Objective truth) that God’s army much bigger than the enemy and there was no problem at all!

Steve points out that happiness comes from happenings. It comes and goes with circumstances and situations. It’s subjective. However God’s Joy is objective! It comes from what’s eternal and real, but unseen!

God wants to enable us to “See What Really Is” by using His filter.

“Everybody has a filter which he takes about with him, through which, from the indefinite mass of acts, he gathers in those suited to confirm his prejudices. Rare, very rare, are those who check their filter.” Henri du Lubac; Paradoxes of Faith.

Baxter Kruger says in “Jesus and the undoing of Adam:”  “For our ideas and concepts, our categories, assumptions and notions, function together as a pair of glasses, as it were, through which we perceive and make sense of our world. Without mental glasses of some sort we would be blind and no way of conceiving the realities pressing upon us or of processing the endless variety of information coming to us. It would be like trying to dance with someone in pitch-black dark to the music of three or four different songs at the same time. The fact that we all have mental glasses – and inevitably use them--is not where the problem lies. The difficulty lies in the fact that we have the wrong prescription. That is to say, that our ideas and concepts, our categories and assumptions, are skewed.”

Steve McVey: “Today…and every day, we can pray: Holy Spirit, “Show me lies I’ve believed & show me the truth.”









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