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October 10 ’16 Seeing What Really Is Part 6

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October 10 ’16 Seeing What Really Is Part 6 ~Paul Gray


Some paraphrased thoughts from~

Baxter Kruger:

“As humans, in our own power, we are incapable of helping anyone see the truth about What Really Is. The Holy Spirit of Christ must reveal it to people. We, of course, want everyone to know the truth and we tell them, but we don’t have the power to get them out of the darkness and convince them. Jesus said:

John 8:12  Mirror  “I am the light of the world—whoever journeys with Me shall not walk in darkness, but will radiate  the light of life!”

The moment you meet (discover) Christ in you, you experience His LIFE, His hope, His freedom, His joy in the midst of the darkness! You realize you are free!

When we believe the lie of separation that keeps us in The Great Darkness, then we think WE have to find our way to God. The Greeks (and Calvinists) tried to do it through their mind and the Jews (legalists) and the Roman Church -- through the law. Others (Western Evangelicals) try through a combination of the two. The law became our default setting on how to get back to God.

As long as a person has made an agreement with Diabolos that God’s love is conditional,  limited and exclusive, that person won’t be able to “see or hear” love, grace, Finished Work and inclusion until they break that agreement!

Our writing and teaching must not be with the intent to inform or explain or convince, rather they should be with the goal of giving people eyes to encounter Jesus!  --Eyes to “See What Really Is!” Our teaching won’t really say what we want until something else happens…until the Holy Spirit transforms our words into an encounter with Jesus Himself!”

C.S. Lewis:

“We can be in full possession of all the facts and yet miss their meaning.”

George MacDonald:

“Good souls many will one day be horrified at the things they now believe of God.”


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